10 Places in Your Home to Spice Up with Wood Tiles

The presence of wood in a space gives it a warm and cozy look and is pleasing to the eyes as well most probably for the reason that it is a natural material. You can also add wood to your home in the form of wood tiles and regarding how and where, take a look at the ideas below:

1. Spice Up a Small Balcony Floor
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-2Image via: divianarts

2. Turn Them to a Wall Art with Lights Behind
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-3
Image via: houzz

3. A Wood Tile Backsplash Looks Just so Amazing
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-4
Image via: houzz

4. Add Elegance to Your Living Room Floor
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-5
Image via: divianarts

5. Go For a Wood Tile Accent Wall
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-6
Image via: houzz

6. Clad The Shower Enclosure Walls and The Bathtub Surround
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-7
Image via: houzz

7. Get a Decorative Wood Tile Panel on a Wall
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-8
Image via: houzz

8. Cover The Ceiling of Your Living Room with Wood Tiles
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-9
Image via: minimalisti

9. Cover The Wall Behind Your Bathroom Mirror
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-10
Image via: houzz

10. Make a Wood Tile Deck at The Rooftop
AI- Places - Wood Tiles-Design-11
Image via: houzz

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