13 Amazing Items That Have Been Missing In Your Lives

We love finding new innovative products for you that we think are just pure genius! Lots of them are so functional and practical you’ll wonder what on earth you’ve been doing without these amazing items for all these years. Take the self stirring mug for example; simply press the button and the mug will do all the work for you! You’ll have a perfectly stirred drink and there’ll be less washing up as you won’t even need to use a teaspoon. Genius! Many of the cool products listed below are available right here on Awesome Inventions, so if you see something you must have, you know where to get it!

Silicone Mixing Bowl

silicone mixing bowl

Find it here: Silicone Mixing Bowl

Chopping Board with Scrap Bin

chopping board with scrap bin

Find it here: Chopping Board with Scrap Bin

Elasty Mobile Phone Cover

elasty mobile phone cover

Bottle Cap Humidifier

bottle cap humidifier

Find it here: Bottle Cap Humidifier

Standing Child Carrier

standing child carrier

Find it here: Standing Child Carrier

Precious Storage Mirror

precious storage mirror

Self Stirring Mug

self stirring mug

Find it here: Self Stirring Mug

Finger Pointing Bookmark

finger pointing bookmark

Find it here: Finger Pointing Bookmark

Horizontal Shoe Rack

horizontal shoe rack

Find it here: Horizontal Shoe Rack

Wine Bottle Carrying Case

wine bottle carrying case

Find it here: Wine Bottle Carrying Case

Convertible Chopsticks

convertible chopsticks

Find it here: Convertible Chopsticks

Bottle Stacker Base

bottle stacker base

Find it here: Bottle Stacker Base

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

magnetic measuring spoonsmagnetic measuring spoons


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