15 Color Schemes That Work Well in a Small Bathroom

Deciding a color scheme for a small bathroom can be sometimes very tricky but by choosing some designer approved combos, you can easily design a small bathroom in a chic palette. So, here you go for some cool small bathroom color combinations:

1. A Teal and White Bathroom
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-2
Image via: home-designing

2. A White and Green Bathroom
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-3
Image via: bhg

3. Chic Bathrooms with a Neutral Palette
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-4
Image via: bhg

4. A Light Blue and White Bathroom
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-5
Image via: bhg

5. Cheerful Orange, White and Black Bathrooms
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-6
Image via: digsdigs

6. A Sunny Yellow, Gray and Sky Blue Palette
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-7
Image via: bhg

7. A Black, White and Mahogany Combo
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-8
Image via: houzz

8. A Mint, Light Brown and White Bathroom Reminding of an Ocean
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-9
Image via: bhg

9. A Subtle Palette in White, Powder Blue and Muted Beige
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-10
Image via: bhg

10. Gray, White and Chartreuse Bathrooms
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-11
Image via: imgarcade , bhg

11. Light Pink and White Bathrooms
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-12
Image via: brookegiannetti , bhg

12. A Bright Red, Blue and White Bathroom
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-13
Image via: bhg

13. A Turquoise, White and Wood Bathroom
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-14
Image via: homedit , bhg

14. A Brown, Black and White Combination
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-15
Image via: bhg , pulpdesignstudios

15. A Lavender, Green and White Bathroom
AI- Small- Bathroom-Idea-16
Image via: houzz

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