15 Cool Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Bricks

Sometimes two extremes match and the combination of bricks from the old times and contemporary decor is an example of this. Bricks are not just for walls and you can use them in a number of ways in different parts of your home. So, take a look at some awesome ideas to decorate your home with bricks:

1. Lay a Brick Garden Path
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2. Who Said Brick Floor is Meant Just for Outdoors? Just Look at This Awesome Kitchen
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3. Go for a Painted or Exposed Brick Fireplace
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4. A Brick Backsplash Would be Fabulous to Have in a Kitchen
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Image via: houzz , houzz

5. Make Shelves Out of Bricks
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Image via: casa.abril , howtodistressfurniture

6. Cover The Patio Floor with Bricks
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7. Clad Your Kitchen Island with Bricks for a Unique Feel in Your Modern Kitchen
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Image via: casadex

8. Accent an All White Space with an Exposed Brick Wall
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Image via: houzz

9. Install a Brick Fire Pit in Your Patio
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Image via: houzz , houzz

10. Build a Painted or Exposed Brick Bench
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Image via: houzz , houzz

11. Go for Brick Stairs for a Rustic Feel
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Image via: houzz , houzz

12. Design an All Brick Outdoor Kitchen to Enjoy Evening Cookouts with Friends and Family
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13. Install a Brick Water Feature to Add Serenity to Your Patio
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14. Place a Brick Planter in Your Living Room to Bring the Outdoors Inside
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Image via: houzz

15. Install an Exposed Brick Hood in Your Kitchen
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