15 Fun & Useful Kitchen Tools

Work in the kitchen supposed to be fun and the process of a meal preparation should be easy and not very time consuming. So here are some tools designed to make specific tasks a little more enjoyable in the kitchen. They are fashionable and ergonomically designed that can make slicing a vegetable, cleaning a fruit, slicing an onion fun and effortless. Also, these practical kitchen utensils make great gift ideas for the holidays.

Egg yolk extractor

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-1

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-2

Herb scissors

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-3

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-4

Apple corer

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-5

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-6

Finger guard

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-7

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-8

Banana sliper

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-9

Onion holder

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-10

Tomato and mozarella slicer

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-11

Avocado slicer

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-12

Bag caps

Copco Bag Cap 015

Strawberry huller

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-14

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-15

Tomato slicer

AI- Fun- &Usefl -Kitchen Tools-16

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