15 Incredible Products That Will Change Your Life

There are some products out there that you didn’t know you needed, but once you have them you wonder how you ever lived without them. These 16 items are those kinds of products. Once you own them, they’ll change your life for the better. They might not be essentials in the true sense of the word, but even if you don’t absolutely need them, you’ll certainly want them! Feel free to comment to let us know which of these incredible products is your favorite, or to tell us about a life-changing product that we haven’t mentioned.

This sat-nav projects its directions onto your windshield for easy reading.

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If you get some of your best ideas in the shower then promptly forget them, you need this waterproof notepaper.

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Turn your faucet into a drinking fountain.

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These batteries can be recharged using your USB port.

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Never again fight about leaving the toilet seat up.

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And, if you need to use the bathroom at night, these glow in the dark strips will mean you don’t even need to turn on the light.


Johnny Glow

This thumb ring makes it easier and more comfortable to keep book pages open.

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Forget seeing Jesus on a slice of toast, now you can toast your own face onto a slice of bread.

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Burnt Impressions

This awesome device quickly reseals chip packets, keeping the contents fresh.

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No lock on your door? No problem! This portable lock will secure almost any door.

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This pop out socket is neater and safer than a conventional multi-way socket.

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Never again cut a sub-par slice of pizza.

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Make the most out of your cookies and milk experience with this Oreo dunking device.

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This segmented bowl is great for dunking cookies, holding chip and dip or keeping your cereal separate from its milk so that it retains a good crunch.

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Have the most epic of water balloon fights with this item that allows you to fill multiple balloons at once.

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This LED faucet attachment indicates the temperature of your water.

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