15+ Wine Bottle Crafts Ideas The Collector In You

esides using your entire Wine Bottle for craft making, it is amazing how many unique, innovative projects that involve cut or melted glass bottles there are. Melted, it can be used as a saucer or butter plate. When cutted, a variety of chandelier Wine Bottle ideas emerge. However, take note, before reusing those wine bottles for your crafts, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. Especially, if they would be coming in contact with fire or heat. Also, you would need to scrap of the labels, depending on what your reusing it for. Some people leave the labels on for particular crafts. Otherwise, if they are going to be painted or patterned in some way or the other, labels should be removed. Providing that you are a Wine Bottle Craft fanatic, you certainly will want to save up those corks. Here are 15 reasons to love being an empty Wine Bottles collector.

1. Night Time Light – A Wine Bottle CraftFT IDEA

Source: etsy.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-2

2. Jute Wrapped Wine Bottle Craft Idea

Source: diycozyhome.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-3

3.  Diy Painted Wine Bottle Craft

Source: hitched.co.uk

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-4

4. Wine Bottle Serving Tray Craft Idea

Source: hometalk.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-5

5. Wine Bottle Hummingbird Feeder Craft Idea

Source: thegardenroofcoop.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-6

6. Wine Bottle Chandelier Idea

There are countless Wine Bottle Chandelier ideas on the internet. So if this one does not suit your need or style, fear not, the choices are limitless.

Source: rerunproductions.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-7

7.  Beautiful Photo In Wine Bottle Craft Ideas

This I love and may certainly attempt. Displaying family photos in your Wine Bottle Crafts.

Source: ikeadecoration.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-8

8. Wine Bottle Used For Planting

Source: facebook.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-9

9.Wine Bottle Craft Christmas Tree Idea

Lovely Wine Bottle Christmas Tree idea. Would never try it, but to each his own.


Source: beautifullybellafaith.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-10

10. Curtain Wine Bottle Craft Project

Very time consuming and well thought out Curtain Wine Bottle Craft project.

Source: hative.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-11

11.  Wine Bottle Craft Used For Storing Candy

Hmmm! Thanks to this Wine Bottle Craft idea, now I know where I can store my M+M’s candy.

Source: instructables.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-12

12. Wine Bottle Lamp Shade Craft Ideas

Wonder if leaving the labels on the bottle is part of the style? Only thing though, just don’t place your Wine Bottle Lamp Shade to close to the edge of whatever surface it’s on.

Source: tipjunkie.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-13

13. Wine Bottle Craft Christmas Tree Idea

I am so accustomed to seeing nails on wood for this particular purpose. That this almost looks unreal. Well, what can I say, really cool Wine Bottle Craft.

Source: daily.geek-living.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-14

14.Swan Wine Bottle Craft Christmas Tree Idea

Melted elongated Wine Bottle Craft, great centerpiece.

Source: veniceclayartists.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-15

15. Wine Bottle Craft Christmas Tree Idea

This one you would have never thought of. Yet here is a cutting board made from a reused Wine Bottle. Far out craft idea.

Source: thebottleslumper.com

AI- Wine- Bottle- Carfts -Idea-16

16.Beautiful Photo In Wine Bottle Craft Ideas


17.Beautiful Photo In Wine Bottle Craft Ideas


18. Beautiful Photo In Wine Bottle Craft Ideas


19. Beautiful Photo In Wine Bottle Craft Ideas


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