18 Incredibly Creative Shelves For Book Lovers

Have too many books and don’t know what to do with them? Have a great collection and need an equally great way of showing it off? These are the problems of every book-buying addict.

Worry no more! Here are 18 different bookshelves to inspire you and make you rethink how you’re showing off your library!

1. The tree branch bookshelf

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-1via House To Decor

2. A simple box desi

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-2via Coisas de mulher Crista / Alphaville

3. “Floating” bookshelves

These actually use a metal plate that can be bolted into the wall.

 AI-Book-Shelf-Design-3via Teche Blog

4. The painted frame shelf

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-4via tumblr / Booklover | Mark Taylor Design

5. Diagonal recess shelf

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-5via Homedit

6. The staircase bookshelf


7. The secret passageway

All you need is a bust of Shakespeare that opens it and suddenly you’re Batma

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-7via FLAVORWIRE

8. Sinking floor shelves

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-8via freshome

9. The piano shelf

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-910. The Library Chair

Sitting on your books is a great space saver too!

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-1011. Vertical glass sliding cases

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-11via Kid Space Stuff

12. Slanted bookshelves

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-12via The Family Handyman

13. The Tetris shelf

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-13via Popsugar

14. The switchback bookcase

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-14via Fine WoodWorking

15. Read Your Bookcase

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-15via The Meta Picture

16. Piping


17. Use old doors for an antique touch

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-17via Architecture Design DIY

18. The ring shelf

Not sure if you can actually walk it like a hamster wheel, but it looks cool!

AI-Book-Shelf-Design-18via Inhabitat | David Garcia Studio

Source diply.com

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