20 Thrilling Skywalks From Around The Word That Will Leave You Weak In The Knees

We travel to other countries to experience new things and new cultures, but most of all we travel to get a change of scenery. Going from one city and seeing the local landmarks might satisfy most tourists, but those with a bit of an adventurous spirit might want something more.

When you are a tourist you feel bolder and less restricted so you might want to try out things you normally would never attempt. Extreme sports come to mind, like bungee jumping or paragliding, yet when you think about it better, you might chicken out of it. Fortunately there are ways to experience an adrenaline rush while at the same time gaze upon a scenery that will fill your whole soul with piece and awe, and the most popular one is the skywalk.

There are many skywalks around the world, some are tall buildings in the city and others are viewing platforms in the wilderness, but the view you see from all of them are too amazing for words.

Here are 20 of the more popular skywalks out there.

1. Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver, Canada

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-1

2. Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain, China

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-2

3. Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness, Austria

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-3

4. OCBC Skyway, Supertree Grove, Singapore

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-4

5. Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai, China

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-5

6. Stegastein Lookout, Norway

Stegastein Lookout Norway

7. Skywalk X, Macau Tower, China

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-7

8. Tiefenbachkogl Viewing Platform in the Tyrolean Alps, Austria

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-8

9. The Ledge at Chicago’s Willis Tower, USa

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-9

10. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia at Machinchang Mountain

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-10

11. Grand Canyon Skywalk, USA

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-11

12. Oryukdo Skywalk, South Korea

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-12

13. Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk, Australia

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-13

14. Chamonix Skywalk, The Void,  Aiguille du Midi Mountain in the French Alps

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-14

15. 5 Fingers, Krippenstein Austrian Alps

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-15

16. Kinzua Skywalk, USA

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-16

17. Matteo Thun’s Viewing Platform, Italy

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-17

18. EdgeWalk, CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-18

19.  AlpspiX Viewing Platform; Germany

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-19

20.  Glacier Skywalk near Jasper, Alberta, Canada

AI-Thrilling -Skywalks-20

 They will make your heart race for more than one reason.
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