27 Gloriously Simple Things That’ll Save You So Much Money

1. These ethylene gas apples that’ll prolong your produce.

These absorb ethylene gas, which is emitted by fruits and vegetables and causes them to ripen faster. Get these food savers .

2. An herb saver that keeps your herbs fresh.

An herb saver that keeps your herbs fresh.

They’ll stay fresh for up to three weeks. Herbs also make food taste better, which means you’ll likely cook more. $$ saved. Available .

3. This self-watering and self-feeding hydroponic planter.

This self-watering and self-feeding hydroponic planter.

No longer will you hold the title of professional plant killer.

4. These water globes that’ll water your plants for you.

They’ll water for up to two weeks. Just think, you won’t have to replace as many dead plants and you’ll no longer be a resident succulent killer! Get them .

5. A kick-ass screen protector for your phone.

The case is obviously important, but if you’re someone who tends to drop their phone often, a shock-absorbent screen protector is a must. Get it .

6. This bed tray that’ll help your laptop last longer.

This bed tray that'll help your laptop last longer.

Who doesn’t use their laptop while in bed? Overheating from sitting on your bed sheets does serious damage to laptops. You can get this here.

7. This fixing rubber that’ll prolong your cables.

This fixing rubber that'll prolong your cables.

Reinforce the ends the keep them from fraying. Buy it here.

8. This avocado saver.

This avocado saver.

You still need to use the avocado within a couple of days, but at least you don’t have to buy as many new avocados as often. Get it .

9. These pepper savers.

These pepper savers.

When you’re cooking for one, rarely do you use up an entire pepper, so this is great for being able to use the same pepper over the course of a week. Available .

10. This automatic toothpaste dispenser.

This automatic toothpaste dispenser.

Prevents you from accidentally pumping out way more toothpaste than you need. Get it .

11. A reusable travel mug.

A reusable travel mug.

This one also motivates you to do things like make more money. And if you’re a caffeine addict, you’ll save money at a lot of coffee shops by bringing in your own mug.

12. A better-tasting coffee machine.

The AeroPress is a great option: It yields great-tasting coffee and it’s easy to use. You can buy one . Other options that’ll save you from frequenting expensive coffee shops are porcelain and French presses.

13. A coffee bean subscription.

A coffee bean subscription.

Amanda CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: amanda28192

Want great-tasting coffee? Get a subscription here, here, OR here (this one even includes treats).

14. A CSA subscription.

A CSA subscription.

Suzie’s Farm CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: suziesfarm

Not only is it a really healthy option, it’s also INEXPENSIVE compared to dining out or buying frequently from farmers markets. There are also cheese, nuts, and other delicious specialty goods boxes. Check out CSA options for where you live here.

15. This freshness sensor for your meats.

It works for beef, poultry, pork, and fish. Not only does it keep you from wasting unspoiled food, but it also lets you know if what you just bought from the store is rotten. Win. Get it here.

16. These soy candles.

These soy candles.

Soy candles burn about 50% longer than regular candles. They’re also nontoxic and burn evenly and cleanly. Oh, they also smell stronger. Soy good!! Get them .

17. A shower timer that’ll make your water bill feel like nothing.

A shower timer that'll make your water bill feel like nothing.

More five-minute showers will do your wallet some good. Available here.

18. A drying rack that allows you to hand-wash more often.

A drying rack that allows you to hand-wash more often.

This is great for washing and hanging workout clothes so you don’t have to do actual laundry as often. Drying too often also decreases the life span of your clothes. Get this .

19. A Brita filter.

A Brita filter.

If you don’t like drinking tap water, this could save you a lot of bucks compared to buying bottled water. Get this .

20. This sensor that keeps track of the quality of your eggs.

The smartest thing about this app is that it lets you know which eggs you should cook before they go bad. If you buy eggs frequently and also don’t cook that often, this is both a money and a time saver. Get it here.

21. This lunchbox that’ll incentivize you to pack your lunch.

It’ll cry…or haunt you in your sleep…if you don’t bring your lunch in it. Get it .

22. This fruit infuser that’ll have you choose water over buying juices.

This fruit infuser that'll have you choose water over buying juices.

It’ll keep you hydrated, and because it tastes better, you won’t feel the need to buy a soda or fruity drink from the store as often. Available .

23. These reusable cloth towels.

You’re also being super eco-friendly! You can get the ones pictures above here and a cheaper kind here.

24. This spice and coffee bean grinder.

This spice and coffee bean grinder.

Yes, making your own coffee saves money, but did you know making your own spices does too? Store-bought spices can add up. Plus, tastier homemade food means you save money from eating out. Get it .

25. A salad spinner.

A salad spinner.

Prewashed greens cost about $2 to $3 more than heads of lettuce or bundles of other greens. Over the year, this could save you about $150, and you’ll also be eating healthier, which is the great money-saver over the course of a lifetime. Get it .

26. This timed snack container.

This timed snack container.

Snacking is expensive, seriously. And not finishing a package of Oreos over the course of two days? Impossible. Get this .

27. These reusable snack bags.

These reusable snack bags.

Eco-friendly and washer-friendly. Get them .

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