30+ Amazing Geeky Kitchen Gadgets And Gear Ideas To Impress Your Friends

1. Condiment Gun

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-1

Via bagmyitems.com


2. Star Wars Barbeque Tongs

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-2

Via bagmyitems.com


3. Sharky: Tea-Infuser

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-3

Via bagmyitems.com


4. Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-4

Via ohthethingsyoucanbuy.com


5. Star Wars Darth Vader and StormTrooper Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-5

Via bagmyitems.com


6. Ninja BBQ Set

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-6

Via bagmyitems.com


7. Heart Straws

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-7

Via ohthethingsyoucanbuy.com


8. Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Apron

Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Apron 

Via bagmyitems.com


9. Cthulhu Grill Roaster

 AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-9


Via marshmallowstix.com


10. Captain America Spatula

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-10

Via bagmyitems.com


11. Building Block Head Grill Propane Tank Kit

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-11

Via etsy.com


12. Hilary Clinton Nutcracker

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-12

Via bagmyitems.com


13. Star Wars R2-D2 Wastebasket

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-13

Via bagmyitems.com


14. R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-14

Via ohthethingsyoucanbuy.com


15. Dog End Towel Holder

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-15

Via bagmyitems.com


16. Pirate Corkscrew

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-16

Via bagmyitems.com


17. Yolkfish

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-17

Via 1designperday.com


18. LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-18

Via bagmyitems.com


19. This tidy batter dispenser ($15).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-19


Perfect rationing. Available here.

20. This lid holder and spoon rest duo ($22).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-20


WHO HEARS ME ON THE PAIN OF NOT HAVING A PLACE TO PUT THESE? Table counters don’t deserve tomato sauce splotches. Available here.

21. A splatter shield that keeps that oven sparkly clean ($11).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-21


Because you only clean your oven maybe once every 10 years. Buy it here.

22. These clear gap covers ($7).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-22


*Shudders* at the thought of all the juices and crumbs accumulating in those crevices. Buy them here.

23. This rolling garlic chomper-chopper ($7).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-23


No garlicky hands or flying garlicky nubs. ‘Nuff said. Get it here.

24. This super-handy cutting board that comes with a scraps bin ($20).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-24


Because scraps somehow manage to find themselves in inaccessible places all the damn time. Available here.

25. These lids that prevent dreaded boil-over spills ($12).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-25


Cleaning ovens is the worst. Get them here.

26. A flour or sugar or any powdered ingredient dispenser ($8).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-31


Gotta keep that powder under control. Available here.

27. These grilled cheese toastabags ($10).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-27


These keep the cheesy grease excess at a minimum. Get it here.

28. This ziplock bag stabilizer ($5.50).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-28


Spillovers? An antiquated kitchen ailment. Available here.

29. This mug with a pouch for tea bags, cookies, crackers, and anything you’d like ($13).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-28


Tea stains used to think they were cool. Get it here.

30. These farm animal pot clippers ($3).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-29


Banish all gunk drippage. Buy it here.

31. This foldable cutting board ($16).

This foldable cutting board ($16).

32. This yolk separating whisk ($12).

AI- Amazing -Geeky Kitchen- Gadgets-30


Keep that gunk off your hands and the counter! Find it here.

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