30 brilliant ideas for transforming your home

Interiordesiign.com  has already shared plenty of ideas with you on how to make your house that little bit more cosy, stylish and luxurious. Here, we’ve collected some of the most radical ideas out there. To make these a reality, you’d have to knock down walls, lay new pipes, change the design of your windows and buy new furniture.

If you’re prepared to go this far, we hope that these 30 crazy and awesome ideas for radically transforming your home will prove useful.

For big gatherings

Creating a ’cavity’ in the centre of a room makes gatherings of family and friends cosier and more intimate.

A hammock under the ceiling

If the height of your ceilings allows for it, this is a great, stylish and original idea.

A room-sized bed

For those who like pyjama parties and lying around.


Breathtakingly realistic, this adds an amazing new dimension to any room.

A bench in the bathroom

A bathroom can be decorated with a wave-shaped bench for a stylish new effect.

The comfiest windowsill you’ve ever seen

Making the most of the available space

It’s possible to fit everything into even the tiniest kitchen!

A proper chest of drawers

You know where everything is straight away!

When you have a lot of guests staying over

Kids will be delighted.

A library under the stairs

A raised area

It saves you space. Moreover, it’s the perfect storage place and can become a cosy corner for hanging out.

A shower around a corner

You’ll never have to wash those glass doors ever again.

A tree house

You see — they can be made into something really comfortable!

A mini-fridge

And one for your pets as wellWhen you’re looking for some solitude


A folding window

A concertina window can help you get rid of the divide between your home and the outdoors when the days are warm.

Two smaller dishwashers are better than one big one

You can load the second dishwasher while the first one is already doing its job.

A double sink

A very practical thing to have!

A secret room

If you want to have a secret room in your house, sometimes it’s enough to just add some shelves to the front of a door.

A pull-out cupboard

Instead of built-in shelves and drawers, you can have pull-out cupboards on wheels in your kitchen. They can also serve as an additional surface for cooking.

A double-sided fireplace

It can help to both decorate and heat a bathroom and a bedroom at the same time.

A hot tub next to the fireplace

The ultimate form of luxury!

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