Amazing House Surrounded by Rainforest: Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett

Set in Queensland’s tropical north, the Planchonella House embraces its rainforest surroundings. Designed by architect Jesse Bennett and his wife, interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo, the Planchonella House makes the most of its tropical rainforest environment. The residence in Queensland, Australia is defined by playful concrete lines, inspired by the contours of the landscape: “As not to protrude out with the ridge, the profile is mirrored and cuts back. The simplistic approach and use of Lo-Fi technologies results in a raw and honest dwelling. The wings created on each side of the edge float into the surrounding rainforest and become part of the tree canopy.” Minimalist columns and supports link the concrete base and roof, resulting in a sturdy structure with a high level of openness. Using a simplistic approach that resulted in a raw open dwelling, each side of the property floats into the surrounding rainforest and becomes part of the tree canopy. This omission of boundaries between inside and outside gives an openness and quality of space that is surreal. Check out the images below:


The couple, who likes to call their aesthetic Tropical Bizzaro, poured their heart and soul into this dreamy home with it’s playful concrete lines, glass walls, custom built-ins, handcrafted timber fixtures and bespoke furniture. When entering the house, you are overwhelming by a feeling of belonging. According to the architects, the plan “wraps around the courtyard space, which is considered the second hearth (after the kitchen) or perhaps lungs to the entire dwelling. Visual amenity from surrounding lower areas has been maintained with this design in that rather than creating a dominant form on the landscape, it tucks back in at the critical highest most revealing point. The courtyard contributes much to the house and its occupants, it is an oasis that provides sun, light, ventilation, happiness, activity, visual stimulation, and entertainment. It also provides connection to the surrounding rainforest, connection from one part of the house to another, and acts as the focal node to the promenade experience of moving through the house.” Engulfed by nature, the interiors give away a sense of freedom and freshness. [Photography by Sean Fennessy]




Amazing House Surrounded by Rainforest: Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett DesignRulz.comAI-Architecture-Modern-Residence-6



Amazing House Surrounded by Rainforest: Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett AI-Architecture-Modern-Residence-9












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