Aubrey Two Storey Modern Residence

A picturesque modern house design is illustrated in Pinoy House Design 2015018. The selection and combinations of architectural materials used offer insight into this beautiful home and accent the brilliant appearance. Gorgeous detailing and unique proportions are hallmarks on the elevation of this small two storey house design. Significant features offered in this house plan are:

  • Continuous column of stone veneer constructed from floor to roof
  • Aluminum cased windows
  • Aluminum sliding door
  • Concrete columns of various widths equally proportioned along the front elevation
  • Steel railing fence
  • Prominent lighting system distributed along the front façade
  • Uniquely designed carport

The floor area of this modern house design is not big enough and thus the final product is a two storey house design to accommodate the basic components of a house. The limitation of the space is justified by the layout of the major sections of the living space which are positioned in three corners of the first floor. The covered porch leads to the house entrance with the staircase on the right side.

The dining room and the kitchen which occupy one third of the first floor area are very close enough for the kitchen to serve the dining. A toilet and bath as well is provided on the ground floor located below the staircase.  Between the living room and the dining room is a sliding door that leads to an open space which could be a casual zone for family activities and other friendly gatherings.


Screenshot 2015-12-30 00.46.01

Screenshot 2015-12-30 00.45.53




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