Awesome Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Small Apartments

We are not all lucky to live in mansions with swimming pools, master bedrooms and infinity yards. If you are living in a small house or apartment, you are on the right destination. I have found these Awesome Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Small Apartments to draw some inspiration and organize your space well.

Stacking and folding, transforming and rolling contemporary furniture designs add comfort to small apartments and make them look sophisticated and modern. Let’s check these space saving furniture ideas that I have for you now! Enjoy and have fun!

This futon bed can be placed in any room you want. I really like it because it looks beautiful and will fit perfectly to every style. It may be small for you, but is perfect for kids.

space saving futon

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Fantastic, spacious bed with hidden bed. You have enough space for everything. When the bed is not showing, it looks like an office, not like a bedroom.

space saving furniture

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This small space saving desk that is meant to be used for one can be used by five other people. What do you think? Interesting idea for every space limited office, right?

space saving table

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The idea below is perfect for those who are space limited. This space saving bed system offers you a comfortable bed for sleeping, enough space for storing the clothes of your child, shelves for displaying books and other important or decorative items and a small desk for doing homework. It is wonderful, isn’t it?

space saving bedroom

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If you don’t have enough place in your closet for your clothes, then you should take a look at the idea below. It is a rack that is installed in the hall and under the rack there is a cabinet for storing shoes. I found this idea really interesting, what about you?

space saving-closet

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You can turn the space under your bed into a closet. Plus, in the picture below you can also see a sink and a mirror where the couple can get ready for work in the mornings. Hmm… this is a really small apartment, don’t you think!?

small space

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One more impressive idea… I need to recognize that this one is my favorite and I love this hidden bed, that looks like a beautiful wardrobe when is folded up.

space saving bed

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This wooden wall-mounted shelf can be placed in any room you want. Plus, you can store so many things in it too. The one below is used for storing spices and cans with food. When the shelf is opened, function like a small dinning room. This alternative is really great for small apartments, where one or two people live.

space saving shelf

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This multi-functional furniture below can be both, comfortable bed for sleeping and really clever office desk. If you don’t have place where to put an office desk, you can consider buying a furniture like this.

space saving bed and desk

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Even the stairs can be space-saving… you can use them to store the things that you need in your home, but you don’t have place where to put them, like blankets, pillows, books, shoes, etc.

space saving staircase

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Space saving stairs

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