Balinese Inspiration and Healing at Hanging Gardens Hotel, Ubud

In the island of Bali’s premier center for art, culture, dance, and music, the town of Ubud, theHanging Gardens Hotel attributes its ambience to “healing, comfort, nature and inspiration.”Ubud is actually a derivative of the wordubad, meaning healing or medicine in the Balinese language; it refers to the myriad variety of healing plants found along this riverside and in the surrounding environs. Thus, for generations, Ubud has been the place to go for those seeking peace and clarity, with picture-perfect surroundings: rice fields, small villages, arts and crafts communities, temples, palaces, and the sacred river. Ubud is accessible from both the mountains and other major towns on the island; this makes it easy to escape to Hanging Gardens, a five-star boutique hotel with suites and villas that boast thatched roofs, granite infinity pools, and breathtaking seclusion.


Its gourmet restaurant features contemporary cuisine with a Balinese influence and convenient sources:the estate produces chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, jackfruit, coconut, and lemongrass, used both in cooking and in therapies employed in the onsite spa. But you’d expect such pampering touches from a five-star resort. You might not, however, expect a Treasure Hunt, one of the many activities that give guests both a fun, challenging time and a glimpse into the lives of villagers living around the property. (Finish it in under two hours and you win a complimentary cocktail!) However you choose to schedule your escape, whether it’s a leisurely swim, a meditative walk, or a massage and in-villa dining, you’ll savor incomparable beauty, comfort, and the ultimate in luxury at Hanging Gardens — a healing experience in a place known for that very thing.














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