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Simon G2 is a house designed for a family who appreciates modern design, stylish and comfort solar connection, well-organized space. In its interior governs the functional convenience and freedom of the arrangement and communication.An attractive part of the project is a lovely terrace with an interesting roof and decorative outdoor fireplace, where household rest and meet friends.The advantage of the house is also an attic for future adaptation. Characteristics: bungalow with a loft for later adaptation of Rent, a basement, a garage for two cars designed the house for 3-4-person family Functional: Daily zone – ground floor: living room with dining area and fireplace and a kitchen on the ground floor addition: pantry, toilet , functional wardrobes – dressing rooms, a boiler room and garage night zone: three bedrooms and a bathroom floor: Pitched to adapt Land Technology and design: Foundations: benches, concrete blocks 24 cm, 15 cm polystyrene insulation Walls: brick, two-layer, concrete phone 24 cm, 20 cm insulation Internal walls: brick, concrete, load-bearing walls 24 cm, 11.5 cm partitions on the ground floor: concrete slab, insulation polystyrene 15 cm Ceiling: gęstożebrowy Teriva ceiling, insulation polystyrene 30 cm Roof: design wood, tile flat or another with similar characteristics, for use as a residential attic – roof insulation: mineral wool 30 cm, roof trusses also available in wooden prefabrication system Other: For use as a residential attic – wooden staircase Installations: Heating: boiler gas, heat distribution radiators Ventilation: Gravity Finish: Elevations: thin-layer mineral plaster, wood and stone cladding joinery: wooden, PVC or aluminum roller shutters CleverBox system BeClever Available versions: – Simon – without a garage or a garage single user – Reflection Mirror to each version can: – basement of the building – the implementation of building technology backbone lump promotes energy-efficient performance installation solutions: – heat pump and underfloor heating – mechanical ventilation with heat recovery – solar and photovoltaic system design advantages eye of architect: – Functional and ergonomic interior divided into day and night – Large master bedroom with functional wardrobe – Kitchen with island comfortable and practical pantry – presentable, well-lit living area with fireplace – In the entrance area two recesses for the purpose of wardrobe or closet – Large glass from the garden and in the dining room overlooking the garden – shaded terrace with outdoor fireplace – Low energy consumption of usable energy for heating and ventilation below 40 kWh / m²a, using mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

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