Bright Residence Creating A Harmonica Aura: Between Luxury & Modernity

Located next to the golf course in Athens, in the suburbs of Athens, Greece, the H2 Residence, designed by Architecture Studio 314. The building is divided into three apartments one floor is, each with a generous surface 250m2, three bedrooms and a stunning view of the Argosaronic sea.

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A light provides natural light to the secondary areas of each apartment, while also acting as a chimney to vent the hot air in the hottest summer months. The houses are based on a bioclimatic design, with positioning in the shade in the south, and a connection construction and water to create a natural cooling system to save on energy consumption.

Environmentally friendly technologies have been applied throughout the building, and all materials used in the construction process was carefully and thoroughly selected to maintain a low carbon footprint. The materials used in the interior design of the building are a set of actions of natural origin instead of industrial components, and were chosen in colors that were intended to create a harmonious aura.

 A pool surrounding the building, and a small pond on the ground floor promotes tranquility and a sense of cool calm

Gianni Aspras sculptures that decorate the walls of the living rooms, add an abstract whim of luxury and modernity.


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