Citroen GTby Citroen

In June of last year Citroen announced plans to put the GT by Citroen concept into production. It was supposed to be limited to only six units and priced for sale at $1.8 Million each. Well, that’s not going to happen anymore! Citroen’s plans for a production version have been dropped. Citroen, instead, has decided to focus on products that will bring in more money.

The final production version was supposed to be completely inspired by the concept, including the carbon-fiber construction and eccentric interior details such as the copper trim. Under the hood there was supposed to be the V8 engine found in the Ford GT.

The concept was designed for Gran Turismo 5. It features an electric drive train powered by a fuel cell with no pollutant emissions. It is a car designed to square up to the strongest competition. The car is the result of a partnership between Citroën and Polyphony, designer of the driving simulation game Gran Turismo 5 on Playstation 3.

The French automaker Citroen has finally decided to bring the videogame inspired GT Concept super car into production. Citroen will produce a limited run of only six units, priced for sale at $1.8 Million each. The dream machine will be ready in time to make its official debut this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

Citroen spokespersons have said that most of the concept’s features should make it through to the final production version, including the carbon-fiber construction and eccentric interior details such as the copper trim. The only question remaining is what will Citroen use to power their curvilinear machine. Rumors have said that it will be a V8 from either Ford or GM, making at least 500 HP. However there will be no official announcement until this September.




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The GTbyCitroën has flowing, taut lines, stretched to the extreme. The cleanly drawn sides, ribbed at the top, and the pearlescent shade of the bodywork enhance the car’s powerful look.















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