Creative and Innovative Book Storage Ideas You Have to See Now

While having a lot of books can improve the look and feel of your interior and make you look smarter, every book lover knows how much of a pain organizing, storing and moving these books can be. That’s why, I have made you an interesting post that is called “Creative and Innovative Book Storage Ideas You Have to See Now”. Are you excited?

There are million bookshelf designs on the market that will blow your mind and make you decorate your interior with a bookshelf. If you can’t afford or you don’t want to waist your money on a new bookshelf, then you should consider some other alternatives, like storing the books under the bed, using the area under the stairs for displaying books or turning the ceiling in a magnificent bookshelf. There are many impressive ideas, but I have selected the best fifteen book storage ideas.Lovely Tree Bookshelf IdeaIf you are searching for a unique and fun way to display your books, then the idea below is for you. This tree bookshelf will give a glamorous touch to your living room and make you look smart and intelligent.

AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -1image via

Built-In Storage Shelf

This is a clever and interesting way to organize and display not only the books, but every other decoration you want to be seen.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -2image via

Fantastic Reading Area

You can turn the empty corner in your hallway or bedroom into a beautiful and relaxing reading area. I really like the idea, what about you?AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -3image via

Crate Book Storage

You can place a create like this near the sofa in your living room or in any other room. The idea will fit perfectly to the vintage style interiors.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -4image via

Space-Saving Bed

You can use the space under the bed to store not only books, but any other item.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -5image via

Quick and Easy to Make Storage Idea

If you have some free time, then you should consider creating the book storage design below. It is really easy and it will give a vintage touch to your interior.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -6image via

Tree Bookshelf For Kids Room

Tree bookshelf ideas are amazing alternative that you can use to embellish the kids room. I really like the idea below, what about you?AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -7image via

Amazing Book Sling

The book sling below also is an interesting and fun way to store all of your books. Plus, this is a great way to embellish the walls in your house

AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -8image via

Bookshelf Made of Creates

You can paint the old wooden creates in different color and make a beautiful and fun bookshelf for the room of your kid or your bedroom.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -9image via

Basket Storage Solution

You can hang baskets on the walls in the room and organize the books and toys of your lovely kid.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -10image via

Kitchen Island Storage Solution

You can use the kitchen island to store your cookbooks and other books. Although it is very unusual place to store and organize your books, it looks nice.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -11image via

Toilet Paper Shelf

If you have a small bathroom, then the idea below is perfect for you. You can buy this toilet paper shelf or you can create it easily, in just a few minutes.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -12image via

Bath Design With Book Storage

Nowadays you can find many free standing bath designs that feature area for storing books. This idea is perfect for those who enjoy reading books, while taking a bubble bath.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -13image via

Staircase Bookshelf Design

Turn the space under the stairs into a beautiful bookshelf, where you can display your favorite books.AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -14image via

Ceiling Bookshelf

The last bookshelf idea is one of the most creative and innovative one in this gallery and that’s why I like it! Would you dare to turn your ceiling into a bookshelf? You can share your opinion in a comment below!AI-Creativ -&- Innovative -Book- Storage- -15image via futomicdesigns.comWhat do you think about these book storage ideas? I really like them and I truly hope that you like them too. You don’t need a degree to create your own bookshelves, library or reading area. Pick an idea, and embellish your beautiful home with one of these book storage ideas.

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