Elevated One Storey House Design

This house designs is featuring a one storey house elevated to 5 steps having a total floor area of 145 sq.m.. This house plan has a full front porch having a size 4 meters by 1.4 meters which opens to the living room and combined dining and kitchen.

A service area is provided at the rear passing through the kitchen which is 3 x 2.7 meters in size along with a toilet and bath. Leaving the service area is a small patio at the rear which is also elevated. The garage is 3.35 x 5 meters which can accommodate 1 car. Next to the garage is an elevated lanai 12.73 sq.m., an area which can be a relaxation after a good meal in the dining room separated by an aluminum sliding door.

Elevated one storey house design like PHD-2015022 take advantage of its height in terms of flooding since it is elevated to 0.75 meters from the natural grade line. Moreover, the bedrooms are also elevated to another 0.75 meters from the living room summing it up to 1.5 meters which is not bad at all to be called flood proof one storey house.

01.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.01.29

02.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.01.38

03.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.01.49

04.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.01.58

05.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.02.42

06.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.02.49

07.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.02.56

08.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.03.03

09.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.03.09

Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.03.16

11.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.03.23

12.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.03.39


13.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.03.48

14.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.03.56

15.Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.04.03


Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.04.09

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