Excellent Ideas to Decorate Your Laundry Room Wall

A laundry room is that space of the house where sometimes due to load of washing and drying you can easily get bored. But if you decorate it in a cool way then you can enjoy your laundry time as well. For that you can simply go for decorating one or more walls of the laundry room. In this way your laundry room will appeal you more. So, here you go for some awesome ideas to add life to your laundry room walls. Take a look and see which project is your favorite and can be a part of your laundry room:

1. Paste Some Fun Decals Matching The Theme of Laundry
AI- Cool Ideas -to- Decorate -Your -Laundry -Room Wall-1

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2. Make a Cool Laundry Sign Frame
AI- Cool Ideas -to- Decorate -Your -Laundry -Room Wall-2

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3. Hang an Antique Mirror Frame for a Blast from The Past
AI- Cool Ideas -to- Decorate -Your -Laundry -Room Wall-3

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4. Build a Cool Shelving System from Recycled Painted Wooden Crates
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5. Install Painted Floating Shelves for a Classy Feel
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6. Spray Paint and Hang Chipboard Letter Signs Such as ‘Wash’ and ‘Dry’
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7. Install an Open Cabinet System and Put Your Storage on Display
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8. Craft a Cool and Easy Wall Art From Wooden Clothespins and Blank Canvases
AI- Cool Ideas -to- Decorate -Your -Laundry -Room Wall-8

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9. Cover The Laundry Room Wall With Your Favorite Design Wallpaper
AI- Cool Ideas -to- Decorate -Your -Laundry -Room Wall-9

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10. Hang Paintings That Go With the Theme of The Laundry Room
AI- Cool Ideas -to- Decorate -Your -Laundry -Room Wall-10

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11. Paint The Wall with Chalkboard Paint
AI- Cool Ideas -to- Decorate -Your -Laundry -Room Wall-11

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12. Add Glamour By Cladding The Wall with Metallic Tiles
AI- Cool Ideas -to- Decorate -Your -Laundry -Room Wall-12

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