Futuristic Underwater Hotel In Dubai

Although it’s still a project, this underwater hotel in Dubai promises to be a once in a lifetime experience never to be forgotten. With it’s multimillionaires and building designs like no other, Dubai certainly is the perfect location for something so extravagant. The Water Discus Underwater Hotel literally looks like something out of this world. It’s spaceship design comprises of 2 discs, an underwater one and above sea one. These discs are joined by 5 sturdy legs fixed to the sea bed and has been designed to ensure safety is number one at all times. A lot of planning has gone into this design and in the event of severe weather danger, the underwater disc will surface to the top. The creators behind this design are Polish company Deep Ocean Technology and they are backed by Swiss company BIG InvestConsult AG.

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The lower disc reaches 33 feet below the surface of the sea and is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef full of vibrancy. There will be 21 luxury hotel rooms each with the most amazing views of marine life. There’s even a miniature underwater vehicle with a camera that you can operate so that you can get even closer to the action! No underwater resort would be complete without an underwater dive center which will offer diving and deep sea exploration via submersibles. After a fun day of activities you’ll be able to relax in the bar with a cocktail while you continue to admire the amazing views.AI- Underwater- Hotel IN Dubai-6

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