Mesmerizing Modern House Plan

Design of houses LK & 318 is a modern-storey building with a very modern design and excellent external appearance. The house is ideal for urban plot surrounded by other modern buildings. This building is an option for people looking for houses modern and very beautiful and having a cult interior. The project LK & 318 has a lot of glass perfectly doświetlających interior of this unique building, house consists of a ground floor and two floors. On the ground floor is a hall, storage, kitchen with dining room, bathroom, laundry room with a boiler room, study and a roomy garage. On the first floor of the house LK & 318 is located in hall, study, library, bathroom and two bedrooms. On the second floor of the house is designed fitness room, sauna, shower and toilet. Design of houses LK & 318:Usable area (without garage): 183.02 m2 Garage area: 27.10 m2 Total area: 282 m2 Building area: 131 m2 Cubic capacity net: 635.18 m3 cubic capacity Gross: 741.8 m3 Heat demand: 14.45 kW Building height: 10 m Roof angle: 2% Roof area: 68.74 m2 Room height: 2.7 m Minimal plot: 22.74 * 24.5 m.









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