Modern Apartment That Flirts With Rustic Trends

Modern flats that introduce a rustic flavour inside are cozy and inviting. They do not exaggerate with contemporary furnishings, stylish decorations or innovative accessories. Instead, they create the feeling of a relaxed atmosphere and charming primitivism. This is exactly the case with the apartment below, a homey crib located in Santander, the capital of the historical region of Cantabria, Spain. The couple living here, two young cosmopolitans, love to travel and have a weakness for food. Therefore, they wanted a space that reflects their passions, while offering enough room for cooking and meetings.

AI-Modern- Apartment-1

The living room and the kitchen share one open space, distributed from an island that is located in the centre. It serves as a dining table, while offering an extra work surface. As you can easily notice, discrete touches of modern industrial style, inspired by New York lofts, add personality to the space. 

AI-Modern- Apartment-2

The colour scheme is predominantly neutral. The decorative accessories, acquired by the owners during their travels, define the lines of a cosmopolitan style, vivid and cozy. To enrich the interior, they brought lots of textiles. 

AI-Modern- Apartment-3

AI-Modern- Apartment-4

AI-Modern- Apartment-5

 The bedroom is coloured in grey and white. A fireplace with gas embedded in the wall become a focal point in the living room. Moreover, it makes the transition between spaces very elegant and smooth.

AI-Modern- Apartment-6

AI-Modern- Apartment-7

AI-Modern- Apartment-8

AI-Modern- Apartment-9

AI-Modern- Apartment-10

Through a dressing area with organised shelves and cabinets, you enter the bathroom. The space flirts with rustic tendencies, keeping the colour scheme neutral.

AI-Modern- Apartment-11

AI-Modern- Apartment-12

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