Proposed2- Storey Residence

This is a 4 bedroom two story house which can be built in a 180 sq. m. lot having a minimum lot frontage of 12 meters. This design features 2 car garage, kitchen with bar, family hall and balcony over garage. At the main entrance you can see the living room which is open all the way to the dining and kitchen. A small bedroom is also located on the ground floor which can also serve as a maid’s room.

This house design also features a u-shaped kitchen with bar and it is also accessible from the garage.This modern house design can also be built as a single attached making the ride side as firewall. With this option,we have to omit the windows or openings on that side and add or introduce a wide window opening on wall beside
the garage to add illumination to the living room.

AI-2-Storey- Residence-2


AI-2-Storey- Residence-3

AI-2-Storey- Residence-4


AI-2-Storey- Residence-6

AI-2-Storey- Residence-7

AI-2-Storey- Residence-8

AI-2-Storey- Residence-9

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