See What Makes This Hidden Mountain Resort In Chile’s Rianforest So Spectacular

As you make your way past the bumpy back roads, through the lush forest of Chile, into Patagonia, you’ll  soon come across a massive, oddly shaped 7 story building. This building is the start of the expansive uilo Huilo Reserve, in Chile. We’re about to give you a glimpse of this expansive territory and the resort within. One night here is possibly the closest you’ll ever get to living as a real life member of the Swiss Family Robinson, but with a little more luxury (and a lot less tigers).


The Magic Mountain Lodge, pictured above, is a just portion of the Huilo Huilo biological reserve. It’s located deep in the Patagonian Rainforest, underneath the Andes Mountain Range. The reserve has a commitment to sustainable tourism, and to educating its patrons on its methods and mission.


Huilo Huilo is home to the most out of the ordinary architectural finds. The hotel is brimming with locally gathered timber, in tune with it’s mission of sustainability. Even the shape and design of the buildings’ architecture seems to parallel that of the large trees in the area.

Within the reserve is multiple hotel types- including four different lodges, from the picturesque magic mountain lodge to the most simple of shelters for camping.


Let’s start with the truly incredible Magic Mountain Lodge.

Resting peacefully between the southern Andes lies the would-be Volcano that is the Magic Mountain Lodge.


A waterfall glistens as it makes its way down from the peak of the mountain, the way you might picture lava cascading from the mountaintop. While it’s nowhere near that sinister, it certainly seems at home among the larger volcanoes within the Patagonian forest.


If you’re the type of person who can never be too far from WiFi, rejoice, as the Magic Mountain Lodge (Montaña Mágica Lodge) includes WiFi in all common areas.


Distinctly family friendly, children under 6 stay free at the lodge, which will even provide you with a crib in certain units. You have your choice of rooms that range from standard, to superior to luxury suites that come directly out of your storybook fantasy.


There are also free standing forest cabins set apart from the Magic Mountain rooms.


The Canopy Village, a minimal amenity style of rooms is validated by its gorgeous setting among the branches in the forest.

In the Canopy Village, lack of traditional amenities and decor is made up for with incomparable views from your perch among the branches. This facility stretches the chance to stay at the reserve to those with smaller budgets, as it starts at just $55 a night.


Now if you’re more eager to explore on your own and keep your budget afloat, you’ll be thrilled to know there’s a shared facility where for only $15 per person you can even stay in the Salto el Puma. The lodging dedicated to and ideal for backpackers.


There’s no better place to explore northern Patagonia independently to “search the secrets of Huilo Huilo.” The shelter has beds in 4 independent rooms, 1 of which is dedicated just for women. In the common areas there is a kitchen a dining room and leisure room.


The incredible lodging is only half the reason to visit the reserve. The lush forest and breathtaking waterfalls make this ecosystem a Utopia. Engross yourself into the resort’s Biological Reserve component. Learn about the rain forest ecosystem and the forest ethics. A nature walk through he Patagonia Rain forest is majestic enough that it is fit for anyone’s Bucket List.
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