These Guys Really Know How To Live Large In A Small Apartment

It’s easy to imagine your dream home if you had infinite space and resources, but it’s a little more tricky to figure out how to make a beautiful and functional home when you’re tight on space. When confronted with the challenge of transforming a 500 square-foot studio apartment in New York’s East Village, Darrick Borowski and Danny Orenstein from Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture really stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park. The project even won the Small Projects Award from the American Institute of Architecture. Check out this gorgeous apartment and learn how to turn a tiny 500 square-foot apartment into a palace. Figuratively speaking.This is the full layout of the apartment. Every inch of space has been put to good use.

This is the full layout of the apartment. Every inch of space has been put to good use.


Although compact, the living area has plenty of space for relaxing and even entertaining.


Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture




Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture


The raised sleeping area is an extremely efficient use of space.


Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture


The stairs even double up as drawers, maximizing storage space.


The diminutive kitchen contains everything a cook could need.


Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture


Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Now, that’s a shower!AI-Total-Layout-Design-10

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture


Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture



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