Two Beams House by Escritório Yuri Vital

Contemporary concrete residence located in Tibau do Sul, Brazil, designed by Escritório Yuri Vital.












Description by Escritório Yuri Vital

From the architect: Through the different levels and opposing elements, we got a very rich spatiality, I think we reach spatiality, I think we reach the goal. Any place in house has three essential items: view, ventilation and natural lighting.

The idea was to create a home with new concept, I think that the breaking of paradigms important to design something innovative.

Supported only by two beams and four pillars, the house projected by architect Yuri Vital in Tibau do Sul beach, Natal, Rio Grande Norte, Brazil stands out for its design and innovation, Tibau do Sul beach, Natal, Rio Grande Norte, Brazil stands out for its design and innovation, allied at an affordable cost.
The one(1) floor residence is disposed in two pavilions with 1.5m in height between them. A void at connected by a set of stairs, allowing the ocean and nature view from any space. A void at bottom, which is formed due to the difference of levels, works as a space recreation, parties and meetings or simply as a room to rest .
Over the front pavilion and through stairs there is a solarium, where sea view even more privileged, by the observer, being above level of tree; tree, that generates a shade in lower pavilion, using the nature in favor of the house.

Built with resistant materials in order to reduce the maintenance, this house will be perpetuated during its lifetime, without major investments, cause we barely used concrete, glass, treated wood.

Photography courtesy of Escritório Yuri Vital

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