Vibrant, Colorful Garden of Delights by Surrounds Landscape Architecture

When you think of a “vibrant” life, you no doubt think of an environment bursting with color, light, and activity, and that’s what you see here in this splendid layout from Surrounds Landscape Architecture. From the wide, spacious driveway, you drive into this welcoming property through a timbered main gate edged by blooming shrubs…or, alternatively, simply stroll through the walker’s gate off to one side. Either way, you step into a place of delights from the large round stone planters atop the gate posts to the clever greenhouse/retreat just off the pool deck. Water soothes the soul, the eye, and the ear, with cascades that flow down a brick wall next to the greenhouse and a pond, as well as a fountain tucked into a lavender-filled corner.




Make no mistake, though: this garden’s appeal goes beyond looks. Next to the lap pool are handy loungers with a neat little stone table and additional chairs grouped around an inviting stone fireplace. Walking paths beckon, edged with waving grasses and demure impatiens in shades of pink, white, pale lilac, and red, and cheery petunias edge the curved driveway and privacy wall, their “faces” bright in the sunshine. Inside the “greenhouse” is another seating area where you can enjoy being outdoors even if the weather isn’t perfect; it’s enclosed in glass, allowing a great view of the garden and the waterfalls. A cheerful haven by day, and a magical place by night, with up-lighted walls and trees…it’s truly a vibrant setting, as realized with a deft hand by Surrounds Landscape Architecture.











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